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World Wetlands Day: Wetlands Biodiversity Matters

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World Wetlands Day, 2 February, is the day that the world comes together to recognise and celebrate the importance of wetlands for the continued survival of people and nature alike. It marks the date of adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the only multilateral environmental agreement to date that focuses solely on the conservation and wise use of wetlands.

This year’s World Wetlands Day spotlights the relationship between wetlands and biodiversity — how ‘life thrives in wetlands’ and how ‘wetlands biodiversity matters’. In recognition of World Wetlands Day, Wetlands International releases the first-ever fully illustrated reportage of the state of the world’s wetlands, while offices across Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia and the Philippines have organised a host of talks, tastings, tours and exhibitions to get you inspired and open your eyes to the wonders of your region’s wetlands.

Check out events and activities below.


Celebrate the Ramsar wetlands of Jaaukanigás along the Parana River. Become one of the “people of the water” and participate in the 1st Wetlands National Forum, while enjoying the bounty during the fish empanada day.

  • 1-2 February, Villa Ocampo, Santa Fe
  • Activities: Tours of the Jaaukanigás wetland, workshops, Fish empanada day
  • Further details here.



Wetlands International Brazil partners, Pantanal Research Center (CPP), National Institute of Wetlands (INAU) and SESC Pantanal, will hold clean-ups, walks, planting and an exhibition, outlined below.

  • 1 February 2020, Massairo Okamura State Park – City of Cuiabá / MT
    Activity: Cleaning of the Catchment
  • 2 February, Massairo Okamura State Park – City of Cuiabá / MT
    Activity: Walking and planting seedlings of native species on the banks of the catchment
  • 2 February, SESC Pantanal, City of Poconé / MT
    Activity: Photographic exhibition “Wetlands Macrohabitats of Mato Grosso”

Further details here.



Mangrove restoration day

Visitors to the Biomuseo, Panama can learn about the characteristics and importance of conserving wetlands. There will be a mangrove reforestation day at El María School in Remedios, Chiriquí.

  • 2 February, 2 February, Remedios, Chirqui
  • Activities: Biomuseum tour, mangrove restoration day



Wetlands International Associate expert, Tatiana Minayeva, gives a colloquium (English) on How we can protect our mires

  • Activity: Colloquium
  • 4 February, 14:00: Senckenberg Museum for Nature in Goerlitz

Further details here.



UNU-IAS and Wetlands International Japan will hold a symposium to discuss “Wetlands and Biodiversity”.

  • 1 February 2020, United Nations University Tokyo
  • Activities: Symposium (Japanese)
  • Details here



Celebrate the Enapuiyapui Wetland in Kiptunga Forest, Nakuru County. Come and learn what wetlands mean for inhabitants through a community forum. Participate in tree planting, a wetland clean-up, education workshops and a wetlands innovation contest.

  • 2 February 2020, Enapuiyapui Wetland in Kiptunga Forest, Eastern Mau, Nakuru County.
  • Activities: Community forum, tree planting, clean-up, education workshops.
  • Details here



Discover the Paya Indah Wetlands with your children at Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery. Experience the Wetland Exhibition Booth. Learn what wetlands are and do for you.

  • 2 February 2020,
  • Location: Gamuda Cove (details to follow)
  • Activities: Interactive exhibition.



Bulacan State University Seminar
Join Wetlands International Philippines, Bulacan State University and the Wild Bird Club for bird watching, an exhibition and seminar. For College of Science faculty members and students of Bulacan State University, Malolos City, Bulacan.

  • 3 February 2020, Bulcan State University
  • Activities: bird watching, seminar, exhibition
  • More details here.

Olango Island
Experience Olango Island, the oldest Ramsar Site in the Philippines as part of a three-day camping trip.

  • 31 January – 1 February 2020, Olango Island
  • More details to follow

Exhibition and Film Screenings – Leyte Sab-a Peatland Restoration

Specially aimed at elementary schools in Tacloban and Leyte, these film screenings will discuss the Leyte Sab-a Peatland Restoration and how peatlands and other wetland areas can be restored to increase community resilience

  • 2 February 2020, Tacloban City
  • Activities: film and video exhibitions
  • More details to follow



  • 4-6 February, Serang, Banten
  • Venue: Pulau Dua Natural reserve buffer, Serang
  • Partners: KPAPPD/ Urip
  • Activities: Mangrove planting, river basin cleanings
  • 5 February, Demak, Central Java
  • Venue: Morodemak
  • Partners: WII/Eko
  • Activities: Drawing competion, waste recycle
  • 15 Feb 2020, Tapanuli Selatan, North Sumatera
  • Venue: Muara Manompas
  • Partners: WII/Didik
  • Activities: Pulai/ peat native plant planting for schools
  • 14 February, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara
  • Venue: Mangrove Information center – baba akong desa reroroja
  • Partner: Caritas Maumere/ Dewi
  • Activities: Mangrove planting
  • 2 February, Aceh
  • Partner: Aceh Wetlands foundation/ Yusmadi yusuf/ -081269469737
  • Kawasan Rawa Gambut Paya Nie, Kutablang Bireuen fishing competition, local regulation on wetlands management
  • 2 February, Aceh
  • Partner: Aceh Wetlands Foundation/ Yusmadi Yusuf/ -081269469737
  • Gedung Pascasarjana Unsyiah di Banda Aceh International Seminar, theatrical action, opera and gala dinner
  • 5 February, OKI, South Sumatera
  • Partner: Purun Institute/Saripudin-081278910990
  • Activities: Coloring competition, river and swamp cleaning, local regulation on peatland conservation, community gathering for developing village regulation on peat conservation
  • Venue: Lebak Purun
  • 5 February, Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan
  • Partners: Yayasan Petak Danum-081349218333
  • Activities: native planting
  • Venue: Desa jabiren
  • 2-7 February, Bandung
  • Partners: Univ maranatha/sahut
  • Activities: Photography competition
  • Venue: Maranatha



Warsaw University Symposium: Life in the swamps

Join a series of lectures (in Polish) on swampy themes among which our own associate expert Tatiana Minayeva

  • 1 February 2020, Warsaw University
  • Activities: Public Lectures (Polish)
  • More details here.


Global Release of Water Lands

Check out Wetlands International’s new book, Water Lands: A Vision for the World’s Wetlands and their People

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