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Joining forces with Boskalis towards sustainable engineering

Wetlands International and Boskalis are joining hands towards enhancing sustainability in coastal and water infrastructure development.

In 2020 Wetlands International and Boskalis signed an institutional partnership aimed at enhancing sustainability of marine contracting and hydraulic engineering and contribute to climate resilient development. A major ambition of the collaboration is to promote Building with Nature, an integrated engineering approach that combines grey and green solutions. It has been found that Building with Nature solutions yield design solutions that are ecologically, socially and economically more sustainable, against lower cost compared to conventional design solutions.

Both Wetlands International and its partner Boskalis are recruiting positions to help mobilise this ambitious joint programme, complementing the existing team. A Senior Programme Developer by Wetlands International, who will support programme development and lead the way in securing funding for the initiative. A programme coordinator by Boskalis, who will help to develop the programme together with the partners as well as support the implementation process of building with nature propositions in the target countries.

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Joining forces with Boskalis towards sustainable engineering