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Global Mangrove Watch

What is the Global Mangrove Watch?

Thriving mangroves are the key to the health of nature and effective climate action. 

The Global Mangrove Watch is an online platform that provides the remote sensing data and tools for monitoring mangroves. The tool provides near real-time information on where and what changes there are to mangroves across the world, and highlights why they are valuable. 

How does the Global Mangrove Watch work?

The Global Mangrove Watch tracks high resolution information on topography, soil conditions and hydrology, giving coastal and park managers, conservationists, policymakers and practitioners the evidence needed to respond to illegal logging, pinpoint the causes of local mangrove loss and track restoration progress. 

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The Case for Mangrove Protection

Mangroves provide vital ecological functions such as water filtration, coastal protection, carbon storage, food, timber and more. Despite their value, mangroves face major threatsWe can identify and track these threats through Global Mangrove Watch, using it as a catalyst for on-the-ground action and helping mangroves become central to climate mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development plans and policies. 

Global Mangrove Watch Partners

With support from the Oak Foundation, DoB Ecology, Aberysthwyth university and soloEO, Global Mangrove Watch was initiated by The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands International, working with dozens of universities, NGOs and government agencies across the world. 

As a member of the Global Mangrove Alliance, we are committed to increasing the area of mangrove habitat 20% over current extent by 2030. The Global Mangrove Watch will become a key instrument in helping us achieve this target. 

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