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We are part of the Resilience Strategy of Panama City

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  • Coastal resilience

The City of Panama along with 99 cities around the world, decided to form part of the 100 Resilient Cities initiative. We participated with the Panamanian City Hall in the launch of the first Resilience Strategy of the city.

Resilience is understood as “the capacity of the individuals, communities, institutions, companies and systems within a city, to survive, adapt and grow independently of the impacts and tensions that happen around them.” Urban resilience looks to improve the capacity of a city to continue operating even in challenging circumstances.

The launching ceremony of Panama City's resilience strategy
Mayté González, Director of Wetlands International Panamá, is invited to the launch of the Panama City’s Resilience Strategy. August 2018.


Five pillars of the Resilience Strategy of Panama City:
1. Access to opportunities by linking people with the sources of well-being
2. Improve the infrastructure of neighbourhoods to build a city for everyone
3. Discover a city of wetlands by facilitating a better coexistence between people and the environment
4. Implement an integrated risk management approach to better share information that will give further security to people
5. Share management and responsibility

The pillar number 3 ‘Discover a city of wetlands by facilitating a better coexistence between people, and the environment’ is intended to recognise the relevance of wetlands and to promote their value for biodiversity and recreation. As well the importance of including them in the planning for decision making when the city confronts natural risks and disasters.

The government of Panama City has included us as a future partner for the resilience strategy. We aim to continue linking our work in conservation, restoration and sustainable use of wetlands to the city’s urban agenda. And we hope to do so by integrating the lessons learnt during previous projects with the city, as the process Water Dialogues in Panama City which we promoted to address the flooding issues in the city better.

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