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Abdoulaye Ndiaye has experience in wetlands management and waterbird monitoring, poverty reduction and climate change adaptation in more than 30 countries with a focus in West, Central and East Africa. He studied wildlife engineering, zoology, veterinary and botany but specialized in ornithology. During his education he developed skills on land use planning, survey and monitoring of natural resources and several skills for wetland management.

During his professional career with Wetlands International Abdoulaye worked as a trainer in wetland management and developed the educational curricula. He mobilized funds, designed and managed projects. Examples of projects are: capacity building for wetland and waterbird monitoring in Africa, design and implementation of the first wetland management plan in West Africa for Djoudj National Park, Senegal and projects on poverty alleviation for local communities around wetlands in Senegal, Mali and Guinea Bissau.

Abdoulaye worked with national agencies to develop national wetlands, water conservation and development policies, strategies and action plans; much attention was on building national capacity for inventories, monitoring and information management. Most work was in West Africa, and Kenya.

On (inter)national level Abdoulaye lobbied at governments and non-government agencies – to promote international conventions and agreements (e.g. Ramsar, Bonn, AEWA and Biodiversity Conventions). This focused on capacity development for their implementation through strategies, plans and activities. He also supported some key countries to join the Ramsar Convention and AEWA.

Abdoulaye has gained support for wetland conservation throughout Africa and acquired a large network and partnerships to reach this goal. He worked closely with many organisations, including RIZA (The Netherlands), the UK Embassy in Dakar, GTZ, the Convention on Wetlands Ramsar; the Bonn Convention, AEWA, UNEP-GEF, Ministries in charge of wetlands in West Africa, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), Naturama (Burkina Faso), Guinée Ecology, Côte d’Ivoire Ecology and Ghana Wildlife Society (GWS). He
now holds the chair of the Lesser Flamingo International Working Group.

Contact details
Villa n° 97 Cite Elizabeth Quartier Maristes Bureau BP 25581
Dakar-Fann– Sénégal
Cell phone: (+221) 77 327 49 72
Land line: (+221) 33 869 16 81
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]