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Annual Review 2021

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June 30th, 2022

Our annual review and accounts assess how we have delivered on our mission, vision, and strategic intent. We are pleased to present Wetlands International Annual Review and Accounts 2021, in the format of a digital magazine, The Source. 

We are pleased to present our Annual Review and Accounts 2021. ‘The Source’ brings to life our achievements, outcomes and progress, and spotlights those behind our work to safeguard and restore the world’s wetlands — from our network teams worldwide to our partners, donors, and members. Our Annual Review showcases the importance of wetlands and provides insight into the most challenging yet exciting programmes around the world under our three “Streams”: Coasts & Deltas, Rivers & Lakes, and Peatlands.

2021 included many pivotal milestones and highlights. Among many others, we:

  • Promoted dialogue and support for global wetland targets to be included in the Global Biodiversity Framework review process.
  • Became a supporting partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, partnering with Commonland, as well as the Landscape Finance Lab, to launch ‘The 4 Returns Framework for Landscape Restoration’.
  • Released ‘The State of the World’s Mangroves’ report with Global Mangrove Alliance partners.
  • Co-organised the first-ever Peatland and Water Pavilions at COP26, which helped emphasise the importance of peatland ecosystems and water as solutions to climate change.
  • Published insights and lessons from our landscape-scale implementation of the Building with Nature approach between 2015 and 2021 in Indonesia.

We extend our thanks to our growing partners and generous donors whose continued support allows us to deliver such projects – and thank our dedicated staff throughout Wetlands International, who can celebrate another landmark year for wetlands worldwide.

In the Annex (downloadable) you will find our audited financial accounts.

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'The Source' Annual Review 2021

The Source Annex 2021