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Annual Review 2022

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Our annual review and accounts assess how we have delivered on our mission, vision, and strategic intent. We are pleased to present Wetlands International Annual Review and Accounts 2022, in the format of a digital magazine, The Source. 

We are pleased to present our Annual Review and Accounts 2022. ‘The Source’ brings to life our achievements, outcomes, and progress while highlighting the individuals responsible for our endeavors in protecting and revitalizing the world’s wetlands. This includes our dedicated network teams across the globe, as well as our valued partners, donors, and members. Our Annual Review showcases the importance of wetlands and provides insight into the most challenging yet exciting programmes around the world under our three “Streams”: Coasts & Deltas, Rivers & Lakes, and Peatlands.

2022 included many pivotal milestones and breakthroughs for us. Among many others, we:

  • Achieved the inclusion of wetland targets in the CBD’s Global Biodiversity Framework
  • Launched the Mangrove Breakthrough at COP27 with the aim to leverage USD 4 billion to secure the future of 15 million hectares of mangroves globally by 2030.
  • We were awarded the inaugural World Restoration Flagship award for our ‘Building with Nature Indonesia’ initiative was praised by the UN.

  • Alongside our partners, we received the Global Food Planet prize for Global Mangrove Alliance 
  • Published our annual State of the World’s Mangroves report for 2022 
  • Forged a new 10-year partnership with the Swedish International Development Agency to upscale healthy, biodiverse, and well-managed wetland landscapes  

We extend our thanks to our growing partners and generous donors whose continued support allows us to deliver such projects – and thank our dedicated staff throughout Wetlands International, who can celebrate another landmark year for wetlands worldwide.

In the Annex (downloadable) you will find our audited financial accounts.

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