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Annual Review and Accounts 2017

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In 2017 with the help of our supporters we: received a UN Momentum for Change award for restoring peatlands in Russia; initiated a major long-term programme to help safeguard the Paraná–Paraguay river corridor in South America; introduced Building with Nature to pilot projects in Asia and Latin America; helped Oman on the path to a new Ramsar site; informed thousands of professionals about how to enable natural mangrove recovery; and placed wetlands as peacekeepers on the agenda for the development and humanitarian sectors in the Sahel.

Find out more about our achievements in our Annual Review and Accounts 2017, or read the Summary.


Summary – Annual Review 2017

Our breakthroughs and progress are outlined in this summary version of our Annual Review 2017, along with an introduction to our structure and mission.

Wetlands International Annual Review and Accounts 2017 (for reading on-screen)

Wetlands International Annual Review and Accounts 2017 (print version)