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Back to basics on REDD+ safeguards and finance

Published on:
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Peatland conservation and restoration
  • Sustainable land use

The REDD+ Safeguards agreed in Cancun aim to:

1. Improve forest governance;
2. Promote the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples and local communities and respect for their rights; and
3. Protect biodiversity to ensure ecosystem resilience and permanence of emissions reductions.

These are core minimum requirements that exist to ensure that REDD+ does no harm (i.e. to mitigate against the potential negative consequences of REDD+ on livelihoods and biodiversity) and achieves some positive benefits.

Effective implementation of the REDD+ Safeguards is fundamental for achieving lasting results to “slow, halt and reverse forest cover and carbon loss,” and creating the enabling environment necessary to attract and sustain long-term finance.

Back to basics on REDD+ safeguards and finance