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Integrating Mangrove Ecosystems into NBSAPs through the Global Mangrove Watch

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  • Coastal resilience

Scientific developments and the increasing availability of mangrove data provide a starting point for policymakers. The Global Mangrove Watch platform is a free, easy-to-use, and scientifically robust tool for governments to move towards accurately integrating mangrove commitments into NBSAPs, which need to be finalized at the latest by COP16 in 2024.

Mangroves are critical ecosystems for biodiversity, providing habitat for 341 threatened species around the world. Terrestrial wildlife, sea creatures, and water birds all depend on mangroves. These habitats also indirectly support the health of other biodiversity hotspots, facilitate crossover between ecosystems and may also act as final refuges for species left stranded by habitat loss.

Moreover, mangroves protect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people against sea-level rise, storms, and coastal erosion and sequester carbon at up to four times the rate of terrestrial forests on a per hectare basis, making them indispensable allies in the race to a resilient and net zero world.

The Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) is the most complete and up-to-date global mangrove map worldwide. The online platform gives universal access to high-resolution remote sensing data and tools to catalyze action to protect and restore mangroves. It provides policy makers, mangrove practitioners, and investors near real-time information on mangrove coverage, values, and threats for every country with mangroves around the world.

As such The Global Mangrove Watch, based on the most accurate science, can support Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity with the integration of mangrove commitments into their NBSAPs revisions and national reports, collectively catalyzing ambition and action on mangroves and other blue carbon ecosystems.

The Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) is a scientific collaboration with Wetlands International, Aberystwyth University, soloEO, TNC, JAXA, NASA and a host of partners.