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Integrating Mangrove Ecosystems into NDCs with the Global Mangrove Watch

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  • Climate mitigation and adaptation

Nature-based Solutions, including the protection, conservation, and restoration of mangroves and other blue carbon ecosystems (such as seagrasses and tidal salt marshes), are an integral component of achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) is an online platform that provides remote sensing data and tools for global monitoring of mangroves, in scientific collaboration with Wetlands International, Aberystwyth University, soloEO, TNC, JAXA, NASA and a host of partners.

The Global Mangrove Watch represents a critical tool, based on the most accurate science, to support countries in the process of implementing, updating or revising their NDCs, and move towards ratcheting up national and collective ambition on the potential of blue carbon ecosystems for climate action.

Integrating Mangrove Ecosystems into NDCs With the Global Mangrove Watch