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Investing in Peatlands

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  • Peatlands

Peatlands, which store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests, represent an emerging investment opportunity, but more must be done to harness their huge potential.

The publication, ‘Investing in Peatlands’, offers a comprehensive guide for nature-focused investors seeking peatland opportunities, and sets out recommendations for growing the emerging peatland finance industry. Published by the Landscape Finance Lab, Climate Catalyst and the EU Horizon 2020 WaterLANDS project, it brings together contributions from partners spearheading landscape-scale peatland restoration projects and investments across the UK and Europe.

Current peatland investments tend to be small, but case studies featured throughout the report showcase how investing in this nascent asset class at a landscape scale provides investors with a unique opportunity to deliver financial returns from rapidly developing carbon, biodiversity and water markets, whilst supporting a range of meaningful co-benefits including climate resilience, nature regeneration, green business and job creation, and enhanced cultural and leisure amenities for communities.