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Numbers and distribution of the wintering waterbirds in the Western Paleartic and Southwest Asia in 1997, 1998 and 1999

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  • Wetland values, status and trends

This report shows the status of Waterbirds in North Africa, Europe and Western Asia. This is the first time that factual distrubution maps are displayed of a wide range of waterbirds in this region. This publication helps to take the right decisions regarding wetland areas and waterbirds. This report provides the numbers and distribution on wintering waterbirds and the wetlands they make use of during the final three winters of the last millenium. No fewer than 11,000 people from 47 countries were involved in the counts.

Author(s): Niels Gilessen, Lieuwe Haanstra, Simon Delany, Gerard Broere, Ward Hagemeijer; Date of Publication: 2001; ISBN: 9058820114

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