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Recommendations for the pulpwood sector

Published on:
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Peatland conservation and restoration
  • Private sector performance
  • Sustainable land use

The pulp and paper industry is booming in Southeast Asia. The pulp wood plantations, primarily Acacia crassicarpa, are often grown on carbon rich and biodiversity dense peatlands, in particular in Indonesia. This causes high carbon emissions and loss of tropical forest and wetlands.

Our aim:

We raises attention for the adverse consequences of the production of pulp on peatlands. We work together with government, industry and civil society towards the sustainable production of pulp wood through best management practices lowering emissions and subsidence, landswaps to highly degraded areas, development of alternative economic land-uses on rewetted peatlands and rehabilitation of degraded peatlands.

Download our our recommendations for the industry (companies and investors) and government of Indonesia.

Recommendations for the pulpwood sector