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Risky business: Integrated solutions for expanding coastal cities

Published on:
  • Coastal resilience
  • Coastal wetland conservation
  • Integrated delta management
  • Natural infrastructure solutions

Hasty, business-as-usual solutions to managing disaster risks in expanding coastal cities can undermine sustainable development and actually put people, urban infrastructure and valuable land at greater risk.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) is needed, based on an understanding of all dimensions of risk across space and time, and the full breadth of solutions, not only big infrastructure. Multisector approaches need to be applied. With IRM, sustainable development can be safeguarded and opportunities for growth can be unlocked.

Wetlands International works with cities, water engineering companies, research institutions, local communities and humanitarian organisations to build knowledge and assist in the design of resilient solutions to tackle water risks. We also work as a member of the Ecoshape consortium to promote and enable Building with Nature solutions worldwide. In this brochure, we share some key cases from our experience and recommend Priority Actions to mobilise Integrated Risk Management.

Risky business: Integrated solutions for expanding coastal cities