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Technical Guidelines ‘Permeable Structures’

Published on:
  • Coastal resilience
  • Coastal wetland conservation

This technical guideline discusses the application of permeable structures as a close-to-nature and sustainable solution to increase sedimentation along eroded coastlines to allow re-colonisation of mangroves and thus a stabilization of the intertidal area.

Mangrove recolonization using permeable structures is currently being applied in Central Java (Indonesia), in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam, see Appendix 1) and near Paramaribo (Surinam). The same technique has been applied very successfully for centuries in the Netherlands and in Germany to create salt marshes and floodplains protecting the sea defence.

This guideline is designed for governmental agencies at national, provincial and district level that execute tender for the restoration of coastlines. It also provides guidance to the private sector to support the design and construction of permeable structures in restoration programs. In addition the guideline will be useful for the international community working with Building with Nature and green and natural infrastructure.


Wilms, T., Van Wesenbeeck, B.K., & Tonneijck, F. (2020). Permeable Structures; Building
with Nature to restore eroding tropical muddy coasts. Ecoshape technical report,
Dordrecht, The Netherlands.


This guideline is part 3 of a series of Technical Guidelines on technical and socio-economic Building with Nature measures that, in combination, help to restore eroding tropical muddy coasts. These guidelines are based on insights and lessons learnt during the implementation of a district scale pilot in Central Java as part of the Building with Nature Indonesia programme. By sharing our lessons learnt in these practical guidelines, we aim to enable replication by government agencies, the water and aquaculture sector and NGOs.

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