Annual Review 2005

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Wetlands International Annual Review 2005 shows clearly the successful development of Wetlands International in 2005; with more than 100 projects and publications described. A clear illustration is the brief description of all our projects and publication in 2005. The annual review contains also more extended articles about our achievement in 2005 regarding wetland biodiversity, water management, livelihood and the more scientific knowledgebase. In 2005, we also started a major project in Africa and South East Asia to highlight the potential for wetland conservation and wise use to contribute to improving livelihoods in some of the world’s poorest regions. Moreover, soon after the disastrous tsunami in Asia, Wetlands International began the management of the ‘Green Coast’ partnership project in five affected countries.

In the annual review, some projects are highlighted, like our work on the post-tsunami project in Asia (Green Coast) and on Avian Influenza.