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Our statement on draft EU anti-deforestation law which leaves out fragile wetlands

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  • Rivers and lakes
  • Wetland values, status and trends

Responding to the leaked EU anti-deforestation law draft which leaves out fragile wetlands, Daniel Blanco, Wetlands International LAC Director based at the Argentina Office, said:

“Wetlands International is deeply concerned that wetlands have been excluded from the European Union’s draft anti-deforestation law. Wetlands are vital for climate, people and nature. The Pantanal, as well as the Paraguay-Parana wetland system down to the Parana Delta, is one of the world’s largest freshwater wetlands and one of the best carbon sinks nature has to offer. It is also home to amazing but sadly endangered species. Protecting all of us against climate change is about safeguarding these delicate and hugely beneficial ecological areas, by making sure regulations don’t just safeguard forests, but wetlands as well. We urge MEPs and environment ministers to extend the law to safeguard wetlands.”

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Banner image – The Pantanal river and wetlands by Uwe Bergwitz