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Integrated delta management

  • Integrated delta management

Deltas are complex environments, typically consisting of a patchwork of different ecosystem types and land uses. Stakeholder perspectives and interests are equally diverse. With this in mind our delta initiatives focus on the development of integrated approaches to manage water, nature and economic development in deltas in disaster-prone regions and countries. Deltas in which we work include the Parana delta, the Tana delta, East Kalimantan, the Mahanadi delta and the Senegal delta.

Through an integrated analysis of the biophysical processes across the delta, we provide knowledge on ecosystem values and how these can be sustained. On this basis we promote maintenance of valuable habitats and species, while guiding sustainable development of agriculture and aquaculture sectors and related existing and planned infrastructures.

An essential element is to bring information about local risks and local solutions into the wider landscape and into planning processes and investment decisions at the national, regional and international level. One important route for achieving this is by building the capacity of civil society.