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Wetland Champion and Hero: Dr Luc Hoffmann

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There are many people working to study, conserve and restore wetlands today, all over the world – and it must be true that this is for a large part due to the vision, passion and commitment of Dr Luc Hoffmann, who has sadly just passed away. We offer our appreciation of this truly great man as well as our sincere condolences to his family.

Luc has been responsible for the rising of a whole generation of wetland scientists as well as for most of the global conservation organisations, including our own. Wetlands International is in it’s 62nd year and still growing in reach and impact. Luc helped to found the organisation and has nurtured, supported and guided us over the decades, including through difficult times. We remember this support with gratitude and will continue to celebrate achievements in wetland science and conservation with the Wetlands International Luc Hoffmann medal, which Luc presented in person until recently.

Luc always took a keen interest in the programmes and people and his remarks and guidance were without exception, inspirational and to the point. He joked in recent years that he was “just an old fossil” but in fact he was modern in his outlook and open to new possibilities and approaches. He was always interested in what others had to say and had a ready smile and chuckle. Like many, I could only marvel at how such a great man could also be so humble.

Wetlands International will always remember and be grateful to Luc and the MAVA Foundation. We will continue in our shared mission to safeguard wetlands, based on sound science. I am also personally grateful for the trust and support Luc gave me over the last twenty years and feel honoured to have known him and to have accompanied him to some of his favourite wetlands – including Donana, Prespa and the Danube Delta.

There is sadness as we have lost a true champion and hero of wetlands – but we will work hard to build on Luc’s great legacy.

Jane Madgwick
Chief Executive Officer