Climate mitigation and adaptation

Peatlands emit CO2 when cleared and drained for agriculture and forestry. Over 5% of global CO2 emissions are caused by peatland degradation. Restoration and sustainable use of these areas can reduce emissions substantially and help people to be more resilient to a changing climate.


Peatlands – guidance for climate change mitigation by conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable use

This is the second edition of the publication that informs on management and finance options to achieve emissions reductions and enhance other vital ecosystem services […]

Case study

Climate-proof disaster risk reduction and Bio-rights for Indigenous communities in Guatemala

Natural disasters, droughts and heavy rainfalls, make Guatemalan communities vulnerable to their natural environment. In five departments in Guatemala we work with communities to reduce […]


New initiative launched to create climate resilient wetlands for waterbirds and communities

Bonn, Germany – A new initiative to identify and restore critical wetlands for waterbirds flying between Europe and Africa that are vulnerable to climate change was […]


Going organic for the climate

Also in the world of climate change, organic is the way to go. I am not writing about organic food here, despite my personal interest […]


Submission on mitigation potential of peatlands to the UNFCCC

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Submission on mitigation potential of peatlands to the UNFCCC

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Position paper: Accounting for peatland hotspots in the new climate agreement

This position paper gives insight in why peatlands should be treated as hotspots for climate change mitigation in the negotiations for a new climate agreement, […]


Towards climate-responsible peatlands management

The aim of this guidebook is to support the reduction of GHG emissions from managed peatlands and present guidance for responsible management practices that can maintain […]


Climate change and Wetlands leaflet

Leaflet of 2 pages, explaining the relevance of wetlands for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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