Counting waterbirds in Oman #IWC50

Barr al Hikman is one of the most important sites for waterbirds migrating through the Middle East. As part of our IWC50 campaign, our colleague […]


A day in the salt plains! #IWC50

This past Saturday we counted 70,000 roosting birds along the shoreline of Bar Al Hikman, and another 120,000 on the sebkha (the Arabic word for […]


IWC Coordinators

National Coordinators manage and implement the International Waterbird Census (IWC) in their country. The IWC is the largest harmonised biodiversity monitoring programme in the world and has been coordinated internationally by Wetlands International (or our predecessors) since 1967.


Annual IWC Count Totals: African-Eurasian Waterbird Census

This annual report summarises the totals per country per species of all waterbirds counted under the International Waterbird Census in the African-Eurasian region. The 2012 […]


IWC Annual National Totals (African-Eurasian Region 2009-2011)

Overview of IWC in the African-Eurasian region 2011 and annual national totals (2009-2011).


IWC guidance: Field Protocol for waterbird counting

This manual introduces the common standards and field protocol for waterbird counting under the International Waterbird Census (IWC). It is primarily intended for national coordinators […]

IWC – Western Palearctic and Southwest Asia Site Form


IWC National Coordinators’ Manual


IWC Counters’ Manual


The annual International Waterbird Census kicked off in the Asia-Pacific

From January to February one of the oldest and biggest annual citizen science programmes in the world takes place, the International Waterbird Census, coordinated globally […]