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Celebrating International Mangrove Day with little mangrove defenders in Panamá

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  • Coastal resilience
  • Coastal wetland conservation

A joint presentation by the mangrove defenders of the Bay of Chame and El María was the highlight of the Educational Day in Las Lajas, Panamá to celebrate the International Day of Mangrove Conservation, as declared by the United Nations on July 26th. The two groups of kids between 5-12 years did a simulation with the public on the negative impacts on coastal communities if their mangroves are cut down.

Students from three schools from Chiriquí Province, the San Félix mayor and other community members learned about the importance of mangroves for climate change, fisheries and the restoration of the 140 hectares of mangroves of the Las Lajas Lagoon that we are undertaking.

The ground-breaking school group from Chame was invited to help the Mangrove Defenders of El María in setting up their own school group and practice their presentation as part of our mangrove and climate change project with the national authorities, the United Nations Development Programme and Conservation International.

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