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Wetlands International at the Climate Adaptation Summit

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On January 25-26 the Climate Adaptation Summit takes place online at Wetlands International organises two new large initiatives through formal CAS side events and contributes to Anchoring events and side events from partners.

Wetlands International side events:

On 25-26 January you can watch our events on our website and YouTube or at CAS TV.

Accelerating Adaptation through Building with Nature in Asia

By Wetlands International in collaboration with the Indonesian ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, EcoShape, One Architecture and the Global Center on Adaptation, convened by the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and China. Watch the event in the CAS cinema (25-26 January, registration required) or here on our website.

View on Youtube.

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Transforming the Sahel’s Blue Lifelines for Peaceful and Resilient Communities

By Wetlands International, African Union, Great Green Wall initiative, IMWI, International Alert and CARE. Watch the event in the CAS cinema (25-26 January, registration required) or on CAS TV (no registration required) or here on our website.

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Building with Nature Indonesia as best practice case:

The project Building with Nature in Indonesia, managed by Wetlands International, EcoShape and the Indonesian ministries of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and Public Works and Housing (PU-PR) will be shared as best practice case to inspire replication and upscaling during the following Action Track Anchoring events:

  • Nature based Solutions Anchoring event – showcasing local and municipal leadership in the realm of Nature-based Solutions. Monday 25 January at 16:30-18:30 CET
  • Water Action Track Anchoring event – in which the Global Waterscapes report (with BwN Indonesia as Delta Lighthouse Case) will be presented by the Delta Alliance, the World Bank and the Global Center on Adaptation in support of the Delta Coalition. Monday 25 January at 18.00-20.00 CET. You can already watch the Delta Lighthouse Case Study – Indonesia on the CAS website.
  • Infrastructure Anchoring event – which will focus on the urgent need to make climate resilience the norm for infrastructure, showcasing best practices of climate-resilient infrastructure. Tuesday 26 January at 9.30-11.30 CET

Side events to which we contribute:

Building with Nature – Creating implementing and upscaling Nature-based Solutions.
The EcoShape network launches the new Building with Nature book internationally in a short film with examples of Building with Nature solutions, explanations from experts including Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International, and a look into the future. Read more about this event and watch it in the CAS cinema (registration required).

Scaling investment in NbS along coasts in emerging countries. In this event the white paper ‘Scaling investment in NbS along coasts in emerging countries’ will be launched by the EcoShape network. Read more about this event and watch it in the CAS cinema (registration required).

How can Nature-based Solutions be a Priority in a Post-pandemic Recovery in Developing Countries? Co-organized by Asian Development Bank, Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund, Global Resilience Partnership, Wetlands International, EcoShape, One Architecture, and Monash University. Watch the 4-minute teaser of this event and the full event at the CAS website and CAS Cinema (registration required).

Water Resilience for Economic Resilience, organized by Alliance4Water, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Deltares. This event will raise the profile of the topic of Water Resilience as a fundamental underpinning of Economic Resilience, and launch a global effort to further develop the Water Resilience for Economic Resilience community in preparation to the COP 26. Wetlands International’s CEO Jane Madgwick will be one of the panellists. Watch the event in the CAS cinema (registration required).