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Atlas of Ethiopia’s Upper Fafan Catchment

Published on:
  • Climate and disaster risks
  • Community resilience

The Atlas presents an assessment of the current biophysical and socio-economic situation in the Upper Fafan landscape. The resulting analysis and conclusions, with maps and charts, is ideal for experts and non-experts alike. Together with the Manual for Implementation, these publications provide a roadmap for policies and programmes to support sustainable natural resource management. This approach is replicable in other catchments facing environmental degradation and disaster risk.

The Upper Fafan Catchment in the Somali Regional State of north-eastern Ethiopia is a disaster prone region where rural communities depend heavily on natural resources. Ecosystems here are being degraded at an alarming rate. A fundamental understanding of the landscape is essential in order to halt and reverse environmental degradation and improve livelihoods.

Atlas of Ethiopia's Upper Fafan Catchment

Manual for Implementing Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration Case Studies Poster

Ecosystem Restoration Suitability Map